Prenatal yoga is a refuge from the everyday hustle. Yoga during pregnancy is perfect for those who long for quiet moments to enjoy the growing baby in their womb. You will get a unique connection to your body and the journey you go through. Prenatal yoga is not just for late in the pregnancy. You can participate from week 12 and until due date.

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We focus on you, how your body is recovering, and your new role as a mother. We also bring our attention the baby. It’s important that all mothers and babies are welcome. There are no requirements of how you show up, but being supported because you do. You can expect to work up a sweat, laugh, unwind and have space to just be.

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What is a doula? A doula is a trained expert who follows the couple throughout the pregnancy,

She , the doula is there to support the mother to be; before, during and after the birth of baby.

Doula comes from Greek and means “woman who serves.”

A doula does not replace the midwife, father or other relatives that may be present at birth.

She is there to serve, to support and to hold space.

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