Mammayoga – Move & breathe with Louise

What is Mamma yoga?

Mamma Yoga emerged from my desire and heartfelt wish for women to experience and know how a pregnancy can be an empowering experience also on the days where it feels difficult.I believe that a pregnancy also have beautiful lessons for us to learn and from those lessons we become wiser and take our first steps into motherhood. You find med at Østerbrogade 56 E, 2100 København Ø at the ABC street close to Kop & Kande boutique.


I have 16 years of experience teaching yoga and I have taught many forms of yoga, from classical hatha yoga to dynamic vinyasa inspired yoga. For the last 8 years I have had my focus on pre- and postnatal yoga – yoga and the last 5 years I have been diving deeper into women wellness and health, exploring psoas, cyclical health and wisdom. I love to teach how movement and moving smart can create a deep bond to the body. Cause when we tune in and understand how your body is doing, you have inner compass and deep wisdom that is yours.



I wish that as many pregnant women as possible get to experience the comfort, peace, joy, strength, cohesion and potential during their pregnancy.And I wish that that feeling stays with women through motherhood and when they return to mat.





It was such a pleasant surprise to stumble upon your class when you were teaching a drop in class at a studio I think neither of us frequent that often – so I think it was meant to be! I had been searching the internet trying to find a prenatal teacher who taught in English, and until that point hadn’t had any luck. When I first started your classes I was intent on keeping up the intensity in my practice, but quickly learned from you, and whole-heartedly became a convert to adapting my practice to this very special time of pregnancy, when both the body and mind need something different. Throughout the past 20-ish weeks, you have taught me firstly of course how to prepare for labor, with breathing techniques and positions to take contractions in, and also positions to relax in. Equally and if not more beneficial has been the open forum for us ladies to discuss how we’re feeling, share stories and encourage each other. The environment you create in your classes is so nurturing and nourishing. I always leave your class feeling both relaxed and empowered and like I can take anything this pregnancy, labor, birth and early motherhood experience throws my way. I think your classes have been the best form of labor preparation I could have asked for. Not only do I feel prepared for the birth of my baby, I feel like I have been able to gain a wider appreciation for the miracle of pregnancy thanks to you. Your compassionate nature and true care for your students has also made me feel comfortable in opening up with some of the deep concerns I have for my baby, and it has been very helpful and reassuring to have someone to talk to about it.

Thank you

Dear Louise. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic course with pregnant yoga. It was the highlight of my week to come to you every Wednesday, and work with my body throughout my pregnancy. In the beginning, I had enormous need for movement without me having to worry whether it was healthy for my baby in my stomach and my pregnant body. Later, when the stomach was bigger, I got every time the feeling of having had more space. I could breathe more deeply, there was room for bodies and my whole body felt great. Finally, as I approached the forward got trained breathing and felt prepared to walk a birth in the conference. For your hours are quiet contemplation and intense concentration. I walked away with a feeling of kinship with the mind, body, my child and the other pregnant.

Love Nina

Hi Louise. I have sent you many loving thoughts. I could really use a lot of what we learned. After three hours in the maternity ward, we were blessed with our lovely daughter.

Thank you.

Dear Louise
I have had a fantastic birth. Now our wonderful son has come into the world, and all is well with him, me and my husband.
Thanks for all your yoga, it did wonders.


Dear Louise.
So my two little girls are just a little over a day old. They are absolutely brilliant, can you believe It! Wow, I was glad to have gone to Lamaze.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love and jubii

Dear Louise.
So has the most amazing thing happened to me and my boyfriend. Our little beautiful girl came into the world on Saturday.
The birth went really well.
I used a lot of the breathing exercises that I learned from you, and my boyfriend was there to press my lower back, which he had helped with during our par-yoga.

Lots of love